Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cmas Card Challenge - June - Poinsettias

My Christmas Challenge for June is poinsettias. You could punch poinsettias like I did in an earlier posting, designer paper is an option, and embossing.
I gold embossed a Magenta poinsettia stamp on white cardstock. Then watercolored the flowers and leaves. Trimmed the poinsettia layer very close to the frame. The cards are green and I have added red and gold layers and gold embossed greetings with gold brads. The greetings were brushed with a bit of watercolor to soften their look.
Cards made 6
Total cards = 45!


  1. Here it is June 30 and I just managed to get two cards made and uploaded for this challenge. Whew - that was cutting it close! You can see my cards on my blog - thanks for the nudge! http://tweedcurtain.blogspot.com/2010/06/poinsettias-for-christmas.html

  2. Charmaine,

    I know just what you mean. It's just after midnight and I'm getting my July cards posted.
    Good for you getting cards made and posted.
    How many do you have in your stack now?

  3. Hey! Better late than never! I managed to make four of these poinsettia cards for your June challenge!! You can check them out here:





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