Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cmas Card Challenge - Sept - Stars

September's theme is stars. They can be bright, shiny, glittery; over a nativity, leading wisemen; single or in a bunch. They can be traditional colors such as gold, silver, copper, yellow, or not. Here's the card a designed for this challenge.
I found a pattern in Paper Creations Magazine - Winter 2008. The piece of striped scrapbook cardstock is 3.5X4". I traced the half star on the back with a score line down the centre. I cut out the half star and was able to open the star. Using a full sheet label I cut a piece large enough to cover the cut star. It helps if you have a split in the release paper somewhere on the star. I glued that piece of label, paper side down on the back of the striped paper with the edge following the centre and covering the cut star. You have to make sure you glue it down very well all over. I would recommend pressing it a bit. Then I cut the label through the cut cardstock. Now when the star is flipped forward you see the release paper. Turn paper over and remove the release paper from the rest. Add a piece of doublesided tape along the fold and lay the piece of paper over the star hole. I then removed the release paper from the star and applied MS Green Agate glitter to the sticky star.
This image shows how it matches the glitter in the card stock really well. I glued a strip of the same paper below the striped rectangle and stamped my greeting in chocolate. Then this whole rectangle was glued to a chocolate brown card.
I made 6 of these cards.
Total cards to date: 83

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  1. Sylvia,

    Hey!! I got some star cards made!!

    You can check them out here!!



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