Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Card - Embossed Sunflowers

I love sunflowers which would explain why I had 2 of the same card in my bucket of cards I've received over the years.
I was inspired by a card I received in my exchange group. Here's the card Therese sent. I decided to use my Cuttlebug Oval frame embossing folder. I cut my recycled commercial card to just smaller than the card front. Placed it in the embossing folder and as the folder is translucent you can see where the main image will fall and adjust accordingly. Ran the sandwich through the Big Kick. While the card is still on the embossing folder use sand paper to rub the high parts removing the color leaving the white card color. Then, I found a complimentary card in a blue green color. I added a yellow gross grain ribbon across then glued it to the card. I added a Spellbinder embossed butterfly and a muted orange color. I added a head and body with a black marker.

This is a great technique. Check out your stack of embossing folders and received cards you are willing to part with and have a try at this! Works great.

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