Friday, October 21, 2011

Cool Tool - Scrap Storage

How do you store your cardstock scraps?  This is my third attempt at solving this problem and it seems to be working for me. I bought these magazine holders at IKEA.  I place my cardstock scraps in large ziplock bags where the taller pieces just stick out the top.  Easy to identify the color and search inside for the piece I need.  The cost is right as well.  Each holder stores 2-3 colors depending on how fat the ziplock bag is.  I have a zip lock for green, red, yellow, red, beige, black, brown, blue dark, blue light and orange. I recently added glitter and metallics.
I would love to hear about your system. Leave a me a comment!

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  1. Like your idea of the magazine holders. Instead of ziplock bags I am using cereal bags. Have different sizes depending on the size of the cereal box.


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