Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Photos into Art

I took some time recently to play with photo editing software to see what I could do with  my photos as far as making them more like paintings.  There a many filters and it takes a lot of time to figure out what pieces play in the process.

The photo, the background and foreground colors, the filter and how many times it is applied as well as the layering of filters all go into the mix to produce a result.

I found that I liked to apply a base filter which seems to breakdown the image into small pieces which then will be affected by any other filter I apply.

Some of my favorite filters were watercolor, palette knife, paint daubs, and dry brush.  The textures were great but I was unhappy with the level of repetition in the pattern which was very visible.

Picking the right photo is challenging as well. Some just did not work at all.

I was working on this to produce a handmade gift for our family gift exchange this year.  Check later for the final project.

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