Monday, July 20, 2015

Great Weekend!

These are pics from my weekend.
The first 2 pictures are from the feature pyramid at Muttart.  Theme is Journey to Middle Earth.  The hobbit house is terrific and Smaug the dragon had "fire" coming from it's nostrils.
On Saturday, I joined my sister to pick saskatoon berries at a U-Pick.  They were just perfect. We picked Nan King Cherries also but I forgot to take a picture.
Jasmine Green Tea Dragon Pearls which I received from a friend.  It was very good!
I have been craving hot dogs roasted on an open fire.  My brother in law made the fire and the hot dogs were just as I had imagined!  Thanks.
The canola fields are turning a wonderful yellow. I chose to have the barn in the background.
It was a perfect Alberta summer weekend.

Submitting this to Mosaic Monday hosted by Judith at Lavender Cottage.


  1. The hobbit house is whimsical with the round door, and a fire breathing dragon! How fun was that.
    A big smile reading about your craving for hot dogs done over an open fire - they taste the best done this way and then a couple of marshmallows on a stick afterwards.
    I haven't seen a canola field in our rural area for several years but must admit they are beautiful glowing in the sun.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Sylvia.

  2. Looks like a beautiful, yummy weekend!

  3. Cute mosaic! Now you've got me craving hot dogs...


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