2018 - 4x6 Photo Gift Calendar - (13 pages only refill)                                                $10
2018 - 4x6 Photo Gift Calendar - with display (black metal, magnet pocket or clip)  $12
Shipping and handling    Canada $2.00                USA     $3.00                     International $6.00

2018 Nice Cuppa

2018 Nature

 2018 In Bloom


2018 Teddy Bear

Frames / Hangers for 4x6 calendars.
Black Metal Frame
Magnetic Pocket Frame
Wire Clip Hanger - hangs calendar on nail or magnet.

Small Fridge Calendar                                                                                       $5
This is a 4x6 photo calendar with a magnet on the back. This allows it to be used on any metal surface - fridge, file cabinet, and/or toolbox.  A push pin will hold it onto a cork or bulletin board.

Put it where you can see it for a quick reference.

It is easily mailed so it is a great gift for those far away.  Include it in your Christmas card.

Ready 2 Give Calendar                                                                      $15
This is a half sheet calendar which features a 3.5x5 inch photo adhered above the calendar. There is a simple hole at the top which allows you to hang on a nail or push pin on a cork board.

Shipping and handling    Canada $3.50   

Flowers $15

Rural Landscapes $15

Flowers $15

Ready 2 Fill Calendar                                                                              $10











Check this post for more details.

 2018 Simple Squares Calendar                                                                            $10

Simple calendar with large squares for writing details into and it measures 8.5x11 inches.

Comes with a silver clip which allows hanging on a wall or magnet.

A card stock backer to keep it stiff.

A string ties the sheets together so they will not fall out of order.

 Advent Calendars                                                                                $28

 These are Advent Calendars that don't take up much space and the sheets are all in one place.  It is ready to use.  It includes 25 Scripture cards so you just bring the next day's sheet to the front. An Advent Activity List is included with ideas that are not candy/chocolate related for a healthy option for the Christmas season.

Clear Glass Vase

Countdown Calendars                                                                               $10

These have Christmas on one side and Birthday on the other side.  You just mark the number of day remaining with the dry erase marker which is included.


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