Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cmas Card Challenge - May - Candles

Candles are part of the Christmas season representing light in the darkness. You could create candles with stripes of cardstock in seasonal colors with handcut flames, die cut them, press emboss and chalk them, stamp them, and of course much more! What technique are you going to use?
I chose gold embossing a stamped image which I watercolored. The image is by Hampton Art Stamps. I used several different colors and a couple of layouts. I applied a light wash over most of the cardstock then chose coordinating colors to highlight some of the elements in the image. Once dried and pressed I ripped the edges to reveal a white edge next to the light wash.
Left: I layered the stamped image on gold paper to coordinate with the gold embossing then added them to a coordinating card. I smudged the edges with a coordinating ink pad.
Right: I chose 3 pieces of cardstock in the same color family. Layered the white image on a light layer and punched the right edge with the MS Arches border punch. Then onto the middle layer and onto the dark card.
Made 7 of these.
Total Cards made: 33

Charmaines's Card: Good Job!


  1. This is a beautiful stamp design. I like how you painted various letters in the image and didn't use strictly traditional colour choices. Tomorrow I will look and see what I have for candle stamps.

  2. Sylvia, I got a candle card made. Woohoo! You can see it on my blog:
    Thanks for the inspiration.


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