Friday, May 21, 2010

Scrapbook Layout - F of S - Kindness

I'm working on a scrapbooking bible study for the fall. Here's my first sample page. The right hand page has four quadrants - Family, Work, Church and Strangers. What can I do to be kind to the people in each group. The circles on each quadrant merge in the centre. The small circle represents my life which is fuller when the life of those in each quadrant merges with my life. The left page has a scripture verse, a story from the bible and a prayer.


  1. Looks good Sylvia...will there be places in these scrapbooks that we will be able to put personal pictures?

  2. Thanks for the question.
    These pages are my interpretation after reading the scriptures provided and working through the lesson in the book.
    Each person's pages are going to be different. Based on their experience, the pages may include photos, journalling, and other objects that represent that Fruit of the Spirit in their lives.


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