Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Christmas Card Challenge

Let's have a little fun this year. The objective of the challenge is to get your Christmas cards made throughout the year. The themes are meant to be inspirational and broad enough to allow a lot of creative expression.

I will be posting my cards the first of the month along with suggestions and encouragement to participate in the challenge.  Join as many months as you want.

If you participate, please add a comment to the post for the month you are joining including a link to your card so others can be inspired. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations. Become a follower of my blog if you want to be notified of my postings.

Here's my list of themes with a few ideas next to each of them:

January - Color - White/Turquoise/Chocolate

February - Accents - Textiles - Ribbon (silk, satin, gross grain, seam binding, organza), fabric, cording, felt, yarn, fiber, lace, silk flowers

March - Focus - Star - Bethlehem, one, many, night sky, layered, 6 point, 5 point, primitive, die cut, stamped

April - Color - Grape/Sage/Mustard

May - Accents - Metal - Pins, clips, buckles, die cut, embossed, buttons, charms

June - Focus - Trees - Pine, bare, cluster, decorated, folded, triangular, Christmas, die cut, stamped, painted, embossed

July - Color- Ivory/Brown/Gold

August - Accents - Tags - Circle, pointed, crescent, scallop, large, tiny, stamped, square, oval, shaped

September - Focus - Words - Noel, Joy, Peace, Hope, MC, Rejoice, stamped, die cut

October - Color - Navy/Red/Silver

November - Accents - Ornaments - Fat, short, tall, slim, round, elliptical, die cut, stamped

December - Focus - Reason for the Season - Nativity, manger, wisemen, star, shepherds, angels, holy family, baby Jesus, Bethlehem, church, sheep, stable


  1. Hi, Sylvia. I have uploaded mine for January. That colour combo was fun!

  2. Hi Sylvia...I just happened upon you 2012 Christmas card challenge and wish that I had started earlier...but I guess it is never too late..but it is kinda nice to have a monthly idea to follow..I have made about 70 Christmas cards over the summer but that is not enough:)..So how many do you many of the theme each month?..I love your Navy/Red/Silver one for October..Thank you for doing this and hope you will be doing it for 2013:))

  3. Norma,

    72 cards over the summer is terrific.

    I generally make 6 cards each month. I run classes as well so I end up with cards from those as well. I send about 130-150 Christmas each year. I follow several Christmas card challenge blogs too.

    It is never too late to get started.



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