Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Box Lunch Auction

We had a fund raising event at work yesterday.  It was a Box Lunch Auction.  Where we prepared a lunch, place it in a container, decorated the container and then auctioned them off to the highest bidder.  It was a blast!
The theme was St. Patrick's day. I did not embrace the idea as much as others did.  The top left corner is my decorated box.  I wrapped my box with green tissue paper then gold and clear cellophane.  Wrapped some wired green ribbon and created a bow on the top.  I attached a green Gerber Daisy to the centre of the bow.  The top right is what I put in my lunch.  One container held roasted chicken breast, another quinoa salad, the third a chocolate torte slice.  Then a Snapple Iced Tea, a few tea packs, an apple and a container of yogurt with Pomegranate and granola bars. 
We had an actual gavel to declare the winners.  The centre left picture is the place setting which was set up for each participate.  You will notice the bidding number at the top of place setting. There was a shamrock on the back to let the bidder know which way was up when raising the number to place a bid. 
The pop top Chunky Soup cans which held our prizes for the best decorated box (rainbow entry) and the box raising the most funds ($50). We chose soup cans because it really worked with our lunch theme. We really fooled the participants.  Here's a tutorial on how to make them.  The bottom is a picture of all the entries. As you can see creativity was really exercised in the decorating and the meals. We sat together, revealed our meals and had very good experience.

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