Thursday, December 6, 2012

Photo - Office Decorating - Nativity

We are having a office decorating contest at work and I created this display on the floor tucked into a nook at the front of my desk.  A friend lent me the nativity set which is unbreakable and about 12-14 inches high.  I struggled on what to use for background but this morning I realized I had heavy weight wrapping paper in navy that would do just great.  I spritzed it with Maya Mist in Snow White then adhered it to the nook in the front of my desk with double sided tape.  I added white fiberfill snow then covered it with is gold mesh fabric. Works very well.  I added Mary, Jesus and Joseph and the 3 Wisemen.  I added the green garland which is the same one I used last year. I found a coppery gold foil gift bag the other day which worked with the some of the color on the head coverings on the Wisemen.  I cut the central Bethlehem star by hand then die cut the others with a Sizzix star die which provided 3 different sizes.  Adhered those along the sky.  I added a tree made with a Styrofoam form covered with foil gift wrap paper.  I added a bamboo skewer through the center to hold the die cut star at the top.  I added some sequin held in place with pearl straight pins. 

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  1. Awesome display!!!



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