Sunday, July 20, 2014

Family Get Together - Art Class

I just got back from a family get together on the weekend.  We had a great time with about 60 in attendance. There were great conversations with those from near and far and great food!
We had bingo games, raffle draws, a calendar fundraiser (more about that later), baseball, and an art class.
My aunt who is an artist held a class Saturday afternoon and I was one of the students.  This is my very first painting.  This was done with acrylic paints.  We did some charcoal doodles as practice to engage our right brain. Then  we sketched what we wanted to do on the canvas then we laid it out in the drawing in light grey to get all our elements in place then she gave us colors and we went for it.  I think we had about 12-15 folks paint canvas by the end of the afternoon.  It was a blast!!

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