Monday, September 28, 2015

Card Club - Sept - Flocked Floral Border

I started with the flocked floral border which came on a roll.  I cut a length to about 4 inches then trimmed both ends with scissors following the pattern to make them pretty.  I selected a small patterned decorative paper in burgundies, trimmed it to leave a small border and adhered it to the black card front.  I placed the border in the bottom third of the card and used a push pin to make holes where I was going to place the brads. I placed small gold flower sequins on the brads then pushed them through the holes I made earlier and press the prongs apart on the inside of the card. I layered my color printed greeting on the larger layer.  I added a gold sequin onto the greeting accent with a tiny bling Zot.  The greeting was adhered to the top right hand corner of the card front.
Amazing just a different designer paper can make the to the appearance of the card.

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