Wednesday, September 30, 2015

High Bush Cranberry Syrup - Start to Finish

Recently I picked High Bush Cranberries with my sister who knows how to make them into wonderful syrup.  It can be eaten with pancakes, ice cream or in my case cereal. 

The first picture is the berries which were plentiful and the bushes were not much higher than me so picking was delightful. Once cleaned they went into the pot, they then spent time in the food mill to extract the juice and pulp and remove the seeds and skins. Back to the pot with honey for a bit of sweetness. Once back honey is melted the syrup is poured into jars.  They were processed in a hot water bath and now can be stored for eating. They will provide a reminder of warm sunshine during the cold winter.

Here's a link to the process for Cranberry Sauce.

Today I poured it onto my Red River cereal for breakfast along with yogurt and bananas.

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