Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo - Big Shot Work Space

I was tired of digging my Big Shot out of storage to use it which is at least 3 times a week. I reorganized my storage space to create a place where my die cut machine will live permanently. It includes a light, a place to hang a few tools (scissors and a ruler), quick access to plates and spacer. I added a bit of inspiration to keep the creative juices flowing.
Now, I just have to find the die I want, use it, place the scraps in the red waste basket and return the die to it's storage space. Much less clean up. I've tried it out and it works very well.


  1. Good job Sylvia....I have mine on top of my front loading washer and the plates in the cabinet above the washer/dryer....helps to have it out all the time!!! My 'studio'is the laundry room - perfect for me as there is an 11' counter/desk area opposite the washer/dryer!
    Enjoy your new space!!!
    Jan's Joy


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