Monday, January 6, 2014

Diecut - Sizzix Bigz Pro Die - Teapot Box

Here's my first attempt to put together the Sizzix Bigz Pro Die - Box, Tea Pot die cut.  I had my neice cut the die cuts from heavy double sided 12x12 card stock and sent them to me.  They arrived this week and with time with my sister on the weekend we put this one together.  It is a super cute teapot box and I can think of a lot of places I would use it.  A bit about that later.

The normal go to adhesive would be the red super tacky tape but the tabs are not regular and some are small so cutting the tape without waste was not going well.  I turned to my quick dry adhesive in a bottle.  This worked great.  I could cover the tab easily and completely right to the edge which is important. Small bull clips came in handy to keep the edges together for a few minutes. I did not read the instructions on line so this one I folded and glued the tabs at the top of the pot to the inside.  This make the teapot shorter and lid not sit as well as it should.

Onto effort number 2.
Make sure you fold all the folds and press down with a bone folder before you start.
This time the tabs were glued but not folded which left a border at the top of the teapot to match the edge of the cover.  The fit is not as tight either which is better.

How big is it?
It is about 5" tall and the bottom is 3 1/8" square and the opening at the top is 1 3/4" square.

What does it hold?
It holds at least 10 individually wrapped tea bags.
It would hold probably 25-50 grams of loose tea if packaged in a flexible food grade bag with a twist tie.
It would hold quite a few unwrapped tea bags placed in a food grade bag with a twist tie.
I would suggest that some thought be put to how will the recipient remove the gift inside.  A bag holding whatever it is would make getting it out easier.

How can I use it?
1) I think it is a great container to hold a tea related gift.  I had hoped to use these for Christmas gifts but the die was delayed in shipping and the die cuts did not make it before Christmas.
2) A centre piece on a table for a spring tea holding a small gift appropriate for the event.  The item could be given away at the end of the event.  A Mother's day tea, also.
3) A wedding table center piece in ivory or white subtly patterned paper holding candy. Or maybe made of translucent paper with a flameless candle on the inside.
4) A hostess gift for someone hosting a Steeped Tea party with a favorite loose tea inside as a promotion.
5) Teacher gift for year end of school or Christmas holding tea bags.- My favorite tea is Joy put out by Starbucks only at Christmas time.
6) A gift container for a woman friend with sweets or bath products inside.
7) Filled with dunking cookies - biscotti, sugar cookies, or digestives.  I'm there's a lot more options.

Well that is my 2 cents worth.  I'm really happy with how they turned out!!!

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  1. They look GREAT! I made mine today and found I needed to use quick dry adhesive too. Thanks for the detailed info about capacity and the great ideas for putting it to use!


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