Sunday, May 25, 2014

How To: Magnetic Platform for Big Shot

Here's how I made myself a magnetic platform for my Big Shot that keeps my Frame-lits exactly where I want them. I had removed the screws from my Tab 2 of my Big Shot a long time ago. I added it to the sandwich when I needed it.  So I needed to find something magnetic which would replace the thickness of the Tab 2. During a visit to a scrap book store the other day I found Art Bin Magnetic Sheets which are designed for thin die storage.
They are just a bit bigger than the Big Shot platform so I trimmed off the tabs which left a piece just the size of my platform.  The magnetic sheet is quite thick but it just needed a bit more.  I went looking for something to add just a bit more and found that my metal cutting adapter plate was just right.
Now I can place my framelit exactly where I want it, cut as many times I want without it moving on me and my having to adjust after every cut.  It's solid magnet so there is no jumping around of the small framelits.
Works great!!

I've had some questions so here's what sandwich looks like:

  1. Acrylic Clear Cutting Pad 1
  2. Big Shot Multi Purpose Platform with Tab 1
  3. Metal Cutting Plate Adapter
  4. ArtBin White Magnetic Sheet
  5. Frame Lit
  6. Card Stock
  7. Acrylic Clear Cutting Pad 2

Happy Cutting!


  1. Very clever. I have some of those ArtBin sheets already.

  2. Thanks for your tip! I will have to try this out.


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