Monday, May 15, 2017

Mosaic Monday - Blooms & Critters

Here's a few photos from the weekend. 

Pink and yellow tulips in Mom's vase for Mother's Day.

A soaked chickadee sitting on the bird feeder.  It rained non stop for 2 days.  There was water everywhere.

The shrubs have finally burst into flowers. 

The Red Winged Black Bird at the Heritage Wetlands.  I just  missed the pelicans so another trip is in order.

Squirrel on the wooden frame in the yard at Mom & Dad's. I don't know why he is not soaked like the birds.  He moves fast so he may be skipping the rain drops.

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life who hosts Mosaic Monday #40.


  1. I think the Red-winged Blackbird is one of the prettiest birds, and their song is equally lovely.

  2. Fab components in your mosaic today, Sylvia, your red winged black bird is very fancy. In Normandy they just come in black from head to toe!

  3. Lovely mosaic ... the squirrel probably just waits under a tree until a lull in the downpour.


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