Friday, May 19, 2017

Share Your Cup - This Week

The pelicans were on the open water at the wetlands!

I love this photo where they are aligned almost perfectly.  This was my second try as the first attempt they were just flying off as I arrived.

They were feeding and just hanging out.  Zigzagging across the water in their flock formation.

It was time for Welcome to my Kitchen this week.  The hostess provided fruit salad, yogurt, cute cinnamon buns and a slices of cheddar cheese.  Of course tea and coffee as well juice was in plentiful supply.  We had a lot of women attend our last meeting of the season.  Twenty women attended and there was comfortable room for everyone!

We raised a good sum for our missions overseas.  I brought a few cards made from card kits which had been stored for a while.

Ladies could take some home for a donation to missions.

One card was immediately put into service to contain the names of those in our group who prayed for a lady who attended a gym class.  Tangible evidence of the support being offered.

This is the book I finished this week.  The Whitehorn Woods contains a well where people from far and wide come to bring their petitions for healing, husbands, new businesses and much more.

The book identifies a couple related people in each chapter.  If read within a short time a person would likely catch all the connections to others in previous chapters.  I did catch a few but I likely missed a few as well.

Interesting people and approach to writing.

This a to go mug of Earl Grey tea with a snack for my trip to the zoo today.  I want to go before the long weekend when it is bound to be much busier.

A royal gala apple which is always crunchy and delicious and a chocolate bran muffin.

I'm off the see what I can

Sharing with Jann at Daily Cup with Mrs. Olson who hosts Share Your Cup #249.


  1. Very pretty:the pelicans and your cards!Hugs.

  2. Love the pelican picture! I have never seen one up close and personal. This post is full of yummy food too. Sounds like your ladies' event was very nice.

  3. That pelican photo is fabulous. You were indeed fortunate to catch such a line-up! And I think your card packets are a wonderful idea for the mission. I'll bet a lot of them sold.

    I love my Earl Grey too! So delighted you stopped by Marmelade Gypsy today!


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