Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Recent Photos

We celebrated the first Sunday of Advent this week.  I put out my Advent Wreath which are a set of 4 glass vases with crackle glass votive holders. 

The bottom of the vase is filled with glass marbles and the candle in placed inside the holder. 

The vases are place on a glass charger plate with the space around covered in frosted glass marbles. 

I did not manage to find colored votive candles this year so they are all white.

It was Dad's 88th birthday this week so I was home on the weekend  to celebrate with 17 others for a great time with food and family.
I am still on the hunt for winter barn photos so I stopped several times on Sunday to take photos.  This one was well situated, not too many distractions but the sun refused to come out from behind the clouds so the image is not as great as it could have been.  It was 20 minutes down the road before the sun came out.  I'm glad I did not wait.

I caught good light on this building.  It is not a barn unfortunately but the snow was sparkling and the eves of the building were bright.

The clouds in the background were heavy on the horizon.  The fence posts provide some elements in the fore ground.

I dug out the Christmas Tea for my afternoon snack.

It is a black tea from Epicure which I purchased a while back.  It was good with a bit of honey and milk.

I had a mince meat tart which is one of my favorites with a little whipped cream.  Some tea biscuits with Black Current jelly.  These were left overs from our card making & quilting women's group get together on Monday night.  We sang songs, played a couple of games and had good fellowship with good finger food.

My photo calendars are available for purchase.  This is the Nice Cuppa one which features tea cups and mugs in the 2018 photo calendar.

You can check out my Calendar Page for details.

The Miniature Show reception was held on Friday evening.  The show runs to December 23rd.

I have my photo calendars on the first row of the display.

Christmas cards on the next couple of rows.

Fridge Calendars in both English and French versions on the bottom row featuring flower, nature and tea photos.

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  1. Your tea for one is so pretty, Sylvia, and with a yummy sounding tea and treats. Your advent wreath is a beautiful one, and so are your barn pics. How wonderful to make photo calendars!!

  2. Sylvia, your tea sounds lovely! I love mincemeat tarts too especially at this time of year. Sweet and spicy just naturally go together at Christmastime. I am loving your barn shots. I love the red barn in particular. I get my love of barns from my father who was always admiring them on a drive in the country. I made him a ceramic farm house, barn with silo, and water mill for Christmas one year and of course the barn was red! They have come back to me and I'm thankful Daddy was able to enjoy them for a few years. Thank you for your visit and Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh goody! A new Christmas tea to look for! And your mince pies looks so inviting! I am planning some in the near future. The calendar looks wonderful! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. Hi Sylvia!Love your blue and white,that pattern is a classic and so elegant!Great job with your calendars and cards,they are gorgeous and I want all of them!Lol!Lovely pics!Hugs!

  5. What a unique Advent wreath. I'm also intrigued by the Epicure Christmas Tea. I've forgotten that they sell teas!

  6. Sylvia, little mince pies and tea, white teapot, blue and white china. Are you sure you didn't sneak into my house and take that photo?! Love your not-a-barn and other building photos, too.

  7. Your tea delights looks delicious and sounds like you had a lovely Quilt group event. Your calendars are pretty too. Thanks for sharing.


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