Friday, December 22, 2017

Recent Photos

I lit three candles on my advent wreath.  I have added a tall slim glass in the center for the fifth candle which makes up the wreath. 

I love the warmth of real tealight candles.

I read this book recently about a woman who connects with an Amish woman.  A storm keeps them together and an emergency forces them to see what is important at Christmas time.
Family tops the list.

I have been adding to my collection of blue and white pieces. 

I bought the ceramic decor ball with floral elements a couple weeks ago.  I was looking for a base to use to display it.  I found this rice bowl with the right colors and pleasing patterns. 

The small vase is only 4 inches tall but has pleasing floral decor.

The set of napkin rings in alternate blue & white and the alternate colors.  Lovely floral decor.  They are hexagonal.

I have a full shelf and a good number of items to develop table still lifes in the new year.

I have been looking for a cheese board for a while.  While vising my niece we had a couple hours to visit the local Goodwill.  A new store which was large and well organized.  The photo on the left is what it looked like before I transformed it.  I wanted to be able customize the board for the seasons.  I was able to remove the photo on the bottom of the glass with my heat gun.  Now I can add a doily or other seasonal decor under the glass. Love it!

I am currently reading this book which is about a woman at crossroads in her life. She has some amazing events take place for her.  I look forward to the rest of the book and how her life improves.

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  1. Hi Sylvia, I think I may have the same blue and white napkin rings. I also have a blue and white ball like that and I like your idea of a way to display it so it doesn’t roll around. How’s the Kristin Hannah book. We just read the Nightingale. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I LOVE your cheese board find and re-make...sheer genius, Sylvia!!!...:)JP

  3. Merry Christmas Sylvia. Your home looks so warm and inviting. I am on the library waiting list for that book.

  4. Lovely, Sylvia. I hope you had a beautiful Christmas!

  5. I love your new blue collections! The book sound like a very fun read. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Sylvia, love that cheeseboard and what you did with it - the doily looks lovely.


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