Monday, February 28, 2011

Card Club - Feb - Metal Flower

It's cold here but I hope most of my ladies show up for card club tonight. I had 5 ladies in my group and it went very well.
I used a bright pink card to match the pink in the vellum. I layered 5 inch squares of white cardstock and vellum and then ripped the edge of both. Glued the white layer on and trimmed it to the card edge. The vellum I trimmed longer on the top so I could glue it to the inside of the card. I placed a small piece of tape on the left hand side under where to ribbon will be. I created the knot by tying a short piece of ribbon on to the long piece. I taped the ends to the inside. I placed the metal flower over the white silk flower and braded the whole thing to the card with a tiny silver brad.

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