Monday, February 28, 2011

Card Club - Feb - Quilt Card

Here's the tools I use to create a line of evenly spaced holes. Plastic canvas, a push pin and an old mouse pad. I checked for plastic canvas shapes on-line. Circles, stars, hearts would be perfect for cardmaking.

I chose cardstock to match my 4 quilt squares. I created the squares with my 1.25" punch. The easiest way to accomplish this technique is to find double sided printed cardstock then you know they coordinate. I glued them to a 3" square blue layer, added stitching with a fine black marker and adhered the button to the centre with a Zot. I added stitching around the card edge by punching the holes with the tools picture above. I then connected the holes with a marker. I placed a thin gross grain ribbon below the faux stitching with a slit in the fold to allow to wrap around and knotted it on the front.
I had many color combinations in this card and it allowed me to use up lots of small scraps. It just takes time to coordinate the ribbon and cardstock.

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