Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How To: Paper Decorating

The creating on the silicone with color then printing onto paper was not my favorite technique. It's possible that my mat not being white made it harder to see what I was creating and therefore I was not as happy with the results. Using glaze instead of acrylic paint affected our end product as well because it's translucent and not opaque.
I ended up liking the printing with a letterpress or an embossing folder the most. This involved mixing the glaze medium and color together then applying to the letterpress/folder with a rubber brayer. Placing the paper onto the silicone mat for a bit of give then turning the letterpress/folder over onto the paper and pressing it down. I used a rolling pin as my brayer was full of color.  It really needs consistent pressure throughout the surface.   You can see that I printed over a layer I had printed and left to dry.  That's the beauty of the process, just keep adding until you are happy with the paper.
In the bottom picture my sister is using a foam brush over a stencil with a couple colors.   The top row is a sample of some of the paper we created this weekend.  It was a good experience and great to spend time with my sister.

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