Friday, March 9, 2018

Kitty Cards - Exchange

I have been working on creating some art for one of my photo calendars for 2019.  I had decided on a cat face. I have spent days on this project.  I have drawn many faces but I have not achieved the results I wanted - CUTE!.  I have incorporated a couple of the paper pieced art in my card exchange for March so that the effort spent produced some results.  I want to thank my sisters who have provided endless feedback on this art project.                           What do you think of the face? 

These are large cards A7 (5x7) cards because the original art work was based on a 6x6 background.

The kitty is paper pieced where the face is printed on designer paper then cut out by hand.  The ears are printed on the same paper and cut out then a triangle of black is added for depth.

I tried a couple of collar options.  On the left, is the bling collar with a jingle bell.  These again repeat the black from the face and ears.  I adhere the bling with Zots.  The jingle bell is a Martha Stewart punch.  I attached it with a piece of thread.   On the right, I created a bow tie with 2 triangles of black with a .75 inch circle in the middle.  I added a blue button in the middle with Zots.

The greeting was printed on the same designer paper as the cat face then I ripped the top and bottom edge.

These are off to my card exchange partners today.


  1. I love them both, but then, they have a cat on them!

  2. Sylvia - I think the one on the left is closer to 'cute'. Some of it has to do with the blue paper used for the faces - it has some watermarks on it (is that the right term?) and it almost makes the cat on the right look like it is frowning. I think the collar on the left is cuter than the bowtie ... hope the feedback is helpful. I like them both!

    1. Angie, Thanks so much for taking time to respond. Sylvia D.


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