Monday, March 26, 2018

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The pussy willows are out, it is later than March 22 which are 2 signs that it is spring but the temperature and snow are not cooperating.

There is plenty of snow left from last week and getting above 0C is still a challenge. 

When I was a kid - we wore our spring jackets, the water was running in the ditches, and the pussy willows were out. 

I guess patience is a virtue and it will come but not in my timing.

After my challenge of trying to grow tomatoes on my east facing balcony last year I have learned something about plants and light. 

My sister had given me a devil's ivy a while back and I had put it in the hallway thinking that it would be watered regularly because I was going regularly.   It had been suffering some and with my being sick for the last 6 weeks it suffered some more.  I decided that it needed to be closer to the window. 

What was I going to use for a place for it to live.  I had bought this maple shelving unit last summer.  It needed a good cleaning but it will serve that purpose very well.  There are 4 shelves so I decided to fill each one. 

After researching low light house plants I headed to the garden center. There was a section labeled low light house plants. Excellent. I replaced the Devil's Ivy with this healthy one.  I bought a Silver Nerve Plant, an African Violet, and Dwarf Mother's in Law Tongue.  

I had bought this small watering can at least a year ago because the large Tupperware pitcher I have used for years was too heavy when full of water.  The price of growing old. Sucks. I have decided to fill the big one and use that to feed the white one.  Now that I have 4 plants to feed I will more water per week.

I don't do nurture well.  Yes, you have to pay attention to them every week.  I did okay with the outside one last year.  Maybe I have learned  a bit.

Of course they need nice pots to live in.  I just put the new ivy in the one that housed the old one on the top shelf. 

The blue one on the second shelf I was given by a friend a couple of years ago.  The dwarf went into that one. 

I bought a cobalt blue one which needed a saucer.  As it was this plate had been set aside as it had been chipped recently.  Excellent for the violet. 

The last shelf is the silver plant but the pot was too tall.  I added a plastic container below the plant pot inside.  Don't know if the plant will grow into the pot. We'll see.

My mother and sister are much better at this than I am but I will give it my best effort. The fact that I will see them from the couch will help I think.

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  1. I've always loved having indoor plants but don't have as many here in Florida. I have one big Christmas cactus that a friend gave me when she moved. It's tricky to keep the right light and right amount of moisture...each plant is different! Yours are lovely!

  2. A lovely blue and yellow spring display to brighten your spirits as you continue to get well, I'm sure that you'll nurture and enjoy them now they look so pretty in their new place. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  3. The plants and the plant stand look wonderful - I've had to completely give up indoor plants, as I fear I kill them either from over or under watering - not fair to the plants - so I just sit in my living room in a spot where I can see the ones that I grow on the deck in the summer - and I'm happy with that arrangements - and I think the plants are happy too - since I'm not busy killing off their relatives. Looking forward to watching yours grow and flourish.

  4. I get your low light thing -- I have almost no light so I don't do a lot with house plants. (I"m also bad with watering in a timely fashion!) The photos are lovely.

  5. Sylvia - these houseplants look great, especially on these shelves. I have missed my houseplants -- with the last two years and moving among houses, it just didn't make sense to keep plants ... hopefully soon. Have a blessed Easter Week!


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