Sunday, March 18, 2018

Recent Photos

We got some more snow overnight!  I captured these soft snow mounds in the river valley on my walk this afternoon.

It was only -2C so the water was running in places and hopefully soon it will be history!!!

The birds were busy at the bird feeder.

I had put sunflower seeds to have them land on the railing of the steps.

Another walker had put out peanuts and was desperately trying to keep the magpies eating his contribution for the smaller birds.

I love how I got the shine of his eye in this photo.  He is keeping an his eye on me while checking out where the food is.

The House Sparrow has such wonderful coloring on his back.

The fellow had made the peanut chunks smaller but it seems a bit of a mouth full for this guy.

Of course, the squirrels are competing with the birds for dibs but I am not including of photo of them this week.

This is a small evergreen tree on the golf course in the river valley.  He is perfectly suited in a suit of white.

I captured a bit of color as well with these dried rose hips. 

The dried grasses are in the yellows and straw colors right now as well.

The snow fell slowly and gently over night and most of the morning so driving was a bit hazardous so I chose my feet in nature towards the end of the day.  This is my snow capped mosaic.

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  1. Lovely winter scenes, you have certainly captured some pretty ones this week.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  2. What pretty mosaics these photos make. We have the little chickadees at our feeders now too but our weather is quite different! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  3. There is a special beauty only found in winter. So nice that folks are caring for the wildlife. I love the little birds.

  4. Too cold (for me) -- but very beautiful!!!

  5. Oh Sylvia - these are such beautiful shots. We often think of the sparrow as ordinary, but he is indeed a handsome fellow! Your last collage is a masterpiece. I do love winter!

  6. Hi Sylvia, Your photos/collages are so very pretty. I hope you will have a very nice day.

  7. I enjoyed your photos so much! There is so much beauty in the little things in many treasures all around us!

  8. We did get much snow this year, but plenty of rain. - Margy


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