Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mosaic Monday - Recent Photos

I took these yesterday.  The top photo is a Chipping Sparrow sitting high up in a tree.  It took me a while of listening to locate him.

I took photos of roses in a rose garden down the road from my house.  Most of them were passed their prime but some were fresh.  They are so pretty and smell wonderful.

The bottom is a Summer Azure butterfly at the wetlands.  When their wings are open they are a pretty blue. They flitter about so and it was impossible to take a photo during flight.

I received these dishcloths from a friend.

I have not tried them yet so I will post a review once I have used them.

Here's a review which sings their praises.

I am working on setting up some tools for my photography.  I was wanting a back drop stand that would collapse and carry easily.

I researched some DIY options on line and then went shopping.  It was pretty easy doing my shopping in the plumbing department.  Cutting with a hack saw was easy.

I set it up with the sides being 3 feet and the top pieces are 1 foot or 2 feet.  This one is set up at 5 feet.

The PVC pipe has letters printed on them so I checked out a solution which is acetone.  I will get some of that today.

I will make a carrying bag to hold all the pieces.

I watered a friend's garden and plant pots over the weekend.

I picked some pansies and placed them in this small crystal vase.

I was working on my Macro Monday challenge (line symmetry) and created this image.  I placed the vase on a large mirror and captured the reflection as well as the real object. The background is the ceiling and the gradient aspect happened naturally.

It was too large for the challenge but I think it turned out really well

I took this sunset when I was visiting Mom and Dad for Father's day.  They have a lake in their town and I had researched where the sun would set.  I thought that I could this kind of shot.

As they headed for bed, I headed out with my camera.  With sunset at 10:10 pm it took a while for the sun to be at the right height.  You can see birds on the water.  There was lots of waterfowl. The reeds provide a wonderful foreground for this shot.

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life who hosts Mosaic Monday #89.

Thru my Lens #149 hosted by Mersad at Mersad Photography.


  1. Your mosaic is beautiful...every photo is so crisp and clear. I use those Swedish dishcloths and absolutely LOVE them! I think you will too! I throw mine in the wash and I also soak it in bleach about every so often to keep it white. They clean up great and dry quickly. You'll never want to use anything else! Hugs!

  2. What a great collection Sylvia... beautiful pictures and each one documents a different facet of your busy and full life! You inspire me to work harder on my photography efforts....

  3. Lovely photos from your world, Sylvia. I especially like the pansies in the crystal vase on the mirror. Very creative.

  4. Sylvia - I am really intrigued by the crystal vase shot - on glass. Hmmm … must think about this for future pictures! Of course, the sunset is magnificent. I so enjoy the fact that it stays light for so long, don't you?

    By the way, I may not be commenting as often for the next few weeks since I will have my in-laws visiting from the UK. We are going to have a great time!

  5. Dear Sylvia, I just spotted that you joined us for MM at the very last minute and I'm so glad that you did. You have been very creative recently and have captured some beautiful images both out in nature and inside your home. Hope you have many more opportunities this week too.


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