Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Recent Events

We had our Summer BBQ for our women's group on Monday night.

I prepared some door prizes.

This is a box of photo cards from my own photos.  I included a few images from my upcoming Simple Nature 2019 calendar.

I put in 12 cards and then created a insert to provide details and fill the additional space in the box.

Turned out really well.

On the weekend as I was working on photos, mats and frames for my photo show at the end of June I was forced to evaluate what I had in stock.

I found several frames which would not the type required for gallery shows. I decided to fill them with photos and donate them as prizes for the BBQ.

On the right is "Bright Sparrow" which was framed in a float frame 6x8 inches.  The frame as a claw hanger and a wire stand.

This is a Spring Blossom in wonderful shades of pink.

This is a plastic frame 8x8 glass which held one of the photos I printed for consideration in the show at the end of the month.

Photographing frame art is difficult and challenging. The reflections of what is around just appear hence the plaid of my shirt in the right hand corner.

These were well received.

We played some games in guessing flower plants and the names of birds.  We also played the first letter game which I love.

I won a couple of prizes related to gardening.  A yellow watering can and a box for seed packets.

The table cloths where aqua. Don't you love the nature napkins we had at our place settings.

The table center pieces were vases filled with daisies and baby's breath.  Our theme was "Bloom where you are Planted".

Our guest spoke about seeds holding the power to grow and how we can use our power in Christ to bloom where we a planted in different phases of our lives.  

I was lucky enough to bring home one of the centerpieces so I am enjoying fresh flowers on my table this.  Thank you.

I have all green lights on the new internet modem installed yesterday.

I have to say that living with out internet is becoming difficult as much of the information we use is only available there.

Addresses, reviews, email, websites.  I was lost for a while but I am back on-line.

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  1. It seems you belong to a lovely women's group - BBQ, door prizes, games, a 'smart' speaker - what more could you want? I am admiring the shot of the flowers with the blue teacup - gorgeous!

  2. Sounds like such a fun event! Love the fresh flower centerpiece and the watering can. Your flower photos ae always amazing! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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