Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Craft Kingdom - Project 1 - Geometric Painting

This is my first project from the book - The Craft Kingdom.  Check out my first post.  Find a link to the book here.

I hope that you are inspired to do art today. Check out the book at your local book store.
I chose Geometric Painting on page 14 of the book.

You will see that I chose a second hand canvas.  Many of these are showing up at thrift stores now that painting nights have been the rage.

I primed the canvas with plain white acrylic paint.   It took 2 coats to cover the previous color.  I made sure that I switched the direction of the brush strokes to make a nice even end result.

I used washi tape left over from previous craft sessions.  You must press the edges of the tape very carefully to ensure the paint does not bleed under it during the painting.  I placed my tape to ensure there was a natural focal point where I will place my flower accent.

I chose acrylic paint in colors that worked with flower accent I had selected.  For painting the smaller spaces I chose a small paint brush.

You will see that I added a few pieces of washi tape as I started painting.

Once the painting was complete I let it dry some before I added the gold.  I had a gold flower in my accent so I decided to add it to the painting too.
I use gold acrylic and spattered it onto the canvas by rubbing an old toothbrush against a old butter knife.

Once spattered I let it dry completely.

Once dry, I removed the tape and revealed the wonderful design.

I created the flower accent with 6 silk flowers held together with a black brad.  The I added a piece of 3D foam tape on the back and adhered it on the focal point I had created.  Remember to sign your art work.

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  1. Sylvia - a lovely outcome given this was your first with this technique! I have used this method quite a few times with ceramics, and have always been pleased with the result! Enjoy your week ahead!


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