Friday, June 15, 2018

Recent Photos

I set tea out on the balcony this afternoon with the small round table and the white patio chair.

With the weather, it was iced tea instead of hot served in a crystal glass.  Goodwill offered 10 glasses for $2.00 this week.  I filled a few holes in my collection.  A couple cobalt blue glass, this crystal and a few wine glasses for photography.

This daisy arrangement has lasted so well. 

The background is a wicker hat with a yellow organza ribbon and a coordinating Gerber daisy. 

I worked quite a few hours today framing the photos for the photography competition at the end of the month.  I prepared a how to on the basics.

The gallery had very specific requirements for the preparation of the frames for hanging. 

* Must use pivot hangers placed one third from the top of the frame.
* A paper dust cover on the back.
* The wire must be attached as shown with no sharp edges to scratch the wall.
* Bumper pads on the bottom corners.

I still need labels.

I will drop off these pieces on Saturday June 23, the reception is held Saturday, June 30 at 1:00-3:00 pm, they will be on display till Friday, July 20th

Cash prizes and a ribbon are available for winning.

Spruce Grove Art Gallery, 35-5th Avenue [Located in the Melcor Cultural Centre on the east side of King Street Plaza].  Here's a sneak peak to the pieces I am submitting.

I have seen this bush several times at a few locations over the last couple of weeks.  I just love the cluster of small flowers. 

When I take a photo then I am compelled to come home and find the name for it so that when I post it I have the right information.

This is Physocarpus opulifolius 'Summer Wine' commonly known as Ninebark.  My sister informs me that there a many varieties of this bush with different colored blooms and leaves.

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With Bernideen's Tea in the Garden.


  1. Gorgeous pictures!I love blue and yellow combinations,so cheerful.Hugs.

  2. Sylvia, your pictures are always gorgeous. I'm sure you'll do well in the competition. That flower looks like what florists call wax flower, used as a filler in arrangements.

  3. Summer wine...what a perfect name! And it reminds me of my latest 'drink'. I made some raspberry tea to drink cold and hubby added just a splash of local blackberry wine to it for a refreshing drink with dinner.

  4. I've been drinking lots of iced tea too! Good luck with the photography competition!

  5. Oh, Sylvia - what a lovely setting for tea ...


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