Monday, January 23, 2017

Card Club - January - Red Hearts

I generally don't make specific cards for Valentine's but I found a bag of red felt hearts so I did it.
This is a large greeting I designed which was color printed then the layer was trimmed to leave a small border on the red card. I thought the hearts were stickers but no so I added a tiny silver flower sequin and held all the layers together with a tiny black brad.
The three hearts were randomly attached above the sentiment.  On the final is added some black to the sentiment of coordinate with the brads.

As an alternative, I printed a birthday greeting on the back so the participants could choose which type of card based on what they needed.  The hearts became balloons on strings.  The sentiment layer on strings was printed and again trimmed to leave a small border on the red card.
The hearts are attached in the same way.

Love this one!

I was thrilled to see brads again for sale at Michaels.  I hope protest was effective in bringing them back.  Thank You!

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