Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas Card Challenge - January - Gold / Star

Card making is not as popular as it used to be. In my card making classes, attendance is dwindling.  My Stack Classes are in serious decline.   The cost of postage and electronic methods of communication has affected how many cards are sent each year. All Occasion cards in my classes have been in declined but Christmas cards hung on for longer. I gave 140 handmade Christmas cards this year but received about 20% of that.  I have to say that result affected my card making mojo. I hope that people are still connecting.  I was raised to send thank you cards for the gifts I receive but I would say that it is not a prevalent practice these days. 

Christmas is such a special time for me that I cannot stop sending Christmas greetings but I think in 2017 I will embrace some the new ways.  I can see a photo card and an electronic letters are possibilities.

After some serious self talk, I finally got my card making mojo working.  I learned many years ago that I need to make my Christmas card throughout the year so come Dec 1st they are ready to address. In that effort, I run a blog challenge every month.  January`s theme was gold and star.

I chose a script background I designed a few years ago which includes scripture.  I added a large word in the bottom right hand corner `Joy`.  This was printed on red card stock and trimmed to leave a small border.
I mounted that to the front of a black card.

I cut a gold star from non shed glitter paper with the Sizzix Star #2 die.  I  mounted that onto the card front with 3D foam tape. 


  1. It is depressing isn't it? I love making cards too but didn't send nearly as many as yourself and I do believe postage is what has driven many people to use ecards. A cousin I sent a handmade card to did thank me for it and said how much her family enjoys my creativity and wished me Merry Christmas through a FB private message. :-( I was able to join a FB group card exchange for hand crafted and out of a membership of hundreds, only 7 ladies signed up and Christmas mice were hot for 2016! lol
    I send a thank you card as well when called for but dare say I rarely receive any myself. Do you ever look at all your card making supplies and wonder if you're fighting a losing battle? I know I do, but keep buying more dies etc. I utilize Jacquie Lawson on-line cards for specific people who I want to remember but from whom I know I won't receive anything back.
    Congrats on winning Margie's giveaway, some nice tea things coming your way.

    1. Judith, I do have so much stuff in my stash that I should not stop making card for years yet. I have put shopping on hold to a large degree in the last 2 years which as resulted in a few empty containers which is rewarding. Sticking to de stashing. Sylvia D.

  2. That's a pretty card, Sylvia. I like making my own cards, but haven't had the time for Christmas ones this past year. My mother gifted me a box of all occasion cards, made by her, for me and I love using those to send to special friends. Things do change in the crafting world, don't they? And postage is horrendously expensive.

    1. Lorrie, Things do change and postage is very expensive. I expected to teach card classes into retirement and that will not happen so it means I have to change my vision of what my crafting will look like. Sylvia D.

  3. What a great card. I love your background idea. I will make use of it. I love making cards and so for me the joy is in the making and the giving. Other than you and my sister I don't get handmade cards from anyone. And less commercial ones each year as well. Card making is my fun time so I will keep doing it, but I agree there is little business future in it.

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    Your card is really lovely. I am wondering how many survive making crafts for a living. I tried selling some pretties on ebay and made very little with postage charges and paypal and listing fees. There is such satisfaction in making beautiful things though and that is worth a lot. Blessings, Karen

  5. Hi Sylvia, I think making Christmas cards is a wonderful thing to do! They are so much more personal than the store bought ones can ever be.
    I have to admit though, that for two years I wasn't writing any Christmas cards myself anymore and did send out only e-mails with a photograph attached with "our official Christmas" photo, that either my husband or I took.
    This year though, for my most beloved people, I went back to sending out real cards, as I think it is such a nice tradition and loving gesture. I send store bought ones, though, but I picked them with love and care.
    Maybe your post has inspired me to sent some self-made cards next Christmas!
    Warm regards,

  6. We only got about a dozen cards for Christmas. Even businesses have cut back!

  7. Your card is beautiful Sylvia! I'm a stamper and it's so sad to see everything go electronically. I enjoy watching someone open up a handmade card. Happy New Year!

  8. I have taken your challenge!! I am back to doing cards monthly so I can have them all ready by November!! I made six using your challenge of "gold" and "star". You can check them out on my blog here:


    I will continue to send handmade cards. At a cost of probably $2 for supplies and postage it is my way of sending a bit of a treat to my friends and family at Christmas time. I also include a family newsletter to keep in touch and connected.

    We certainly get to choose how we will celebrate and what we will do to make the holidays special. Handmade cards are a treat and most are saved!!



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