Thursday, January 19, 2017

Share Your Cup - This Week

I was on the sewing machine again this week.

I made this tea cup coaster from fabric, fiberfill, and lace.  I have been thinking of an event I will be part of in May.  My idea is making these as favors for this event.  I'm hoping to connect with the quilting group in hopes of spreading the work if the concept is accepted.  I would like to pair that with ladies bringing in tea pots which we would use as center pieces at the tables.  This would provide an opportunity for those at the table to learn about the teapot, the lady that brought it and those around the table.  I used the template from Stephanie's blog Enchanting Rose.

I'm reading this book, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Ann was looking to change her life to be happier when she was challenged by a friend to write down One Thousand gifts in her life. It changed her life and made her happier.  I would highly recommend it.

I will be teaching this bible study in February.

We had our fellowship group meeting today. 

We had this wonderful dish which was described as a mix between cinnamon buns and french toast. The maple syrup was there for the main dish.
It was very good!!

Fruit is always welcome.  Several books were exchanged which made everybody happy.

It was library week.   I did finish this book within the deadline.  This was a good book with stories about several people who came to a grand house in Ireland which opened as a bed and breakfast.  Some of the stories were intertwined an others were totally individual.  One of them was a woman who had taught at a school for many years.  She was given this trip as her retirement gift.   She was used to controlling all things and could not embrace the experience.  She left early and did not enjoy the experience at all.

The hostess of the bed and breakfast was living her dream after spending many years in a boarding house in New York City.  An experience which stood her in good stead in this new venture.

I would recommend this book.

I found this chair at the thrift store a while back.  It needs to glued and re nailed to be less wobbly.  It  needs a good cleaning but I am not going to change the finish at all.  Of course the fact that it was yellow was appealing and the price was great as well.

I have several goals for photography this year and I plan on using this chair as a prop in my photography.  It could be for a teddy bear, a tea party or who knows what else. It will appear later in the year here on my blog.

Sharing with Jann at Daily Cup with Mrs Olson - Sharing Your Cup #232.


  1. The book sounds interesting - I'll have to check it out. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Your teacup coaster turned out great! I hope your quilting group will be interested in making more for your May event.

    This the first time I've seen a cinnamon bun/French toast combo. Yum!

    I will have to check out "One Thousand Gifts" from my local library.

  3. Oh yes, I love the little chair just as it is! Also love your teacup coaster. Stephanie's pattern is just darling. Love the teapot idea too!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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