Monday, April 10, 2017

Art Card Stack Class

I am holding my Art Card Stack Class tonight and these are the cards we are making.  This is a very different from the kind of cards I usually make.  I had hoped that by offering something different it would be more popular and I would be able to capitalize on the trend of adult coloring books. Did not turn out that way.  I have a few ladies registered.

I will be bringing a couple sets of pencil crayons, and water color pencils with brushes.

I have 2 ladies who purchased the Stampin Up Watercolor Crayons years ago and would like to learn how to use them with the Aqua Painter (water brush) which was sold at the same time. We will use a clear mount for our palette.  I am looking forward to helping these ladies make use of the supplies they have.  I also have these supplies which I have not used a lot so we will have fun together.

These line drawings are printed on heavy card stock.  The designs are by Joanne Fink. She is an Orlando based calligrapher/designer.

I chose to mount them onto black card bases so no matter what color the participants chose it would match the black outlines in the art.  I wanted to add greetings but without hiding the wonderful art so I chose vellum as a substrate.  Again, with black letters clear embossed on the vellum so it all matches and does not conflict with any colors selected.  All held in place with tiny black brads.
My 2 Cents:
As a person who has spent the better part of the last 20 years working on cards, teaching classes, and in many involved in this craft I am disppointed in the lack of appreciation for them in the younger crowd.  I know that when the postage increased in our area a few years ago that was the final straw for some who just abandoned the practice completely.

Cards are not popular among the younger crowd and the older crowd struggles with the motor dexterity to handle the materials and tools. I, one day will no longer have people who will participate.  I am sad about that but that is for a day way in the future I hope. 

I was speaking to a young lady yesterday and she was not interested as she does not send cards at all.  I guess it's all on line or not done at all.

Laurentien pencil crayons - the brand I used when I was in elementary school. Can be applied light or heavy. Soft or bold are options.

Artist's Loft - Watercolor Crayons which are applied like pencil crayons then lightly moistened with a paint brush to blend the color(s) and fill in the white spaces.

Stampin Up Watercolor Crayons. They are solid color pencils so there is enough color in this box for me to paint the rest of my life and likely beyond that.  These are available under other brands.

A spray bottle to provide a bit of moisture when needed.  The Aqua Painter brush from Stampin Up.

I am looking forward to the class and sharing my knowledge and giving these ladies the ability to leave my class and continue to make art and cards.


  1. Your whimsical image cards are so fun and happy, Sylvia, and wonderfully colored! I think the bradded vellum sediment choice is perfect! You've certainly struck a chord with me with your comment about how card art is dying on the vine, as it were. It saddens me terribly and not just because this is a fantastic and satisfying artistic hobby that keeps both the brain and the motor skills sharp, but because giving cards for any number of special occasions or caring circumstances is no longer considered a "thing." Someone once told me that the younger generation does not "miss" those things they didn't know, like actually talking on a phone or writing a letter and the like, so they don't feel badly that they are merely doing what is the new "norm." But, gosh, it's hard for those of us who did (and thankfully still do!) know all those things, most especially the big grin on our faces when we find a handmade work of art in our mailbox! Sorry, I do waffle on and could say more, but I'll stop myself! I think we'd be great personal friends crafting together if we were neighbors!! Happy Easter and keep doing what you're doing! Even if you've only got one attendee, you are spreading your sunshine!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Darnell, Thanks so much for the comment. It is good to have some good blogging friends who still enjoy card making so I continue to make my craft and spread joy. Sylvia


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