Monday, April 10, 2017

Mosaic Monday - Tea Infusers

I thought I would look at tea infusers.  I have acquired a few.  Some work better than others.  There are the ball infusers which have a receptacle for the tea and a connection to a charm which allows you to retrieve the infuser when you are ready to drink your tea.  When using a tea ball infuser make sure you do not fill it more than half full because the loose tea leaves will expand to fill the ball.

This infuser has a secure clasp and is mesh on both top and bottom which allows the water good access to the tea leaves.

This is my most special tea ball infuser because it was given to me by a dear friend who attends my card making group each month.

I believe the infuser is from Steeped Tea and she had engraved with "Card Lady".  In the fall it will be 12 I have been teaching a card making class at my church.  I started with a Christmas card class in 2005.  I have been teaching card making, paper making and general craft class for many more years than that.

This ball infuser is stainless steel.  It only has mesh on the bottom which I believe will make it less effective in allow the steeping to take place.  The plate allows the ball to sit in the hot water while it rests on the cup edge.  When turned over it provides a rest for the tea ball. I thought quite clever.
I have to confess at not ever using this one because getting the 2 halves apart is very difficult and I don't want to damage the mesh half.  It was a gift from another dear friend so i have not given it away.

This is a ball infuser as well.  It is not mesh so only provides holes for the water to access the tea leaves.  I expect this one is effective but would take longer.  It screws apart nicely and is secure to keep the tea leaves where they belong. It comes with its own little bowl to hold it once removed from the tea cup.

Will certainly keep your tablecloth clean.

This is a tea ball infuser as well but it comes in the shape of a very cute house.  It has its own small plate to rest the infuser once you remove it from your tea cup.  I believe stainless steel as well.  I love the holes punched into it which spells TEA and a door.  It will take longer to steep a cup of tea in this one because the less access to the tea leaves.

This is a cup tea infuser.  It is very large as it measures half the size of the cup.  It is mesh so it provides a lot of space for the tea leaves to expand and the water access to the leaves to steep.  The mug comes with a lid which will help keep the heat in during the steeping process.  Once taken off it provides a place to rest the infuser.  Very good design.

This is a silicone tea leaf infuser which fits in most cups.  It come with its own lid which serves as a rest when you are ready to drink your cup.  It is large and allows a lot of room for the tea leaves to expand and therefore provides a good steep.  The holes are a bit big for some of the loose tea and I found bits of leaves in my tea depending on which tea I was using.  It folds flat which is nice when storing or using when traveling.

The is an infuser designed for this tea pot.  It has good size to be able to steep enough tea for a pot.  Plenty of room for the leaves to expand and mesh to allow the water maximum access to the tea leaves and therefore a good steep.  The down side of this one is that there is no notch to keep the lid in the tea pot so one has to be careful when pouring tea to place a finger on the lid so it does not end up in someone's tea cup.  I loved the color so I was willing to accept this drawback.

I am sharing this with Maggie at Normandy Life who is host of Mosaic Monday #35.


  1. Sylvia, I remember my mom having a tea ball! This all really makes me wish I drank tea instead of coffee ... the ceremony of making it has to be so calming. My mother would put a couple of drops of her tea into a cup of warm milk for me...she called it camomile tea, like in Peter Rabbit and I was a grown woman before I learned that it was not ))).

  2. It's been many years since I used a tea infuser and I didn't know there were so many different examples out there still. Your Card Lady infuser is a delight, what a lovely gift to receive.
    Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday again this week.

  3. I never knew there were so many types of tea infusers! I just throw the leaves into the pot and pour the tea through a strainer into the cup when I use loose tea. The personalized tea infuser is a great gift.

  4. What a cute collection of tea infusers. I have the TEA house infuser too! When I first started drinking loose leaf teas, I used the ball infusers. These days, I use one similar to your blue cup infuser or disposable paper infusers (for tea time at work). Of course, that hasn't stopped me from picking up some novelty infusers (e.g., floating duck).


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