Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Tea

I lit a tea light candle in this wonderful rabbit glass tea light holder.  I don't have a lot of seasonal decor so on my trip to the library yesterday I stopped to see what was up at the local thrift store. 

After a bit of research it was sold by Hallmark in the early 70s.  It is quite heavy and very smooth. Some on-line are refering to it as crystal. Maybe, certainly has that feel.

He won't take a lot of space and he can come each Easter.

I am quite happy to have scored 4 of these tea cups yesterday at the thrift store. I love the blue and white classic design set on a navy table cloth and a white placemat.

I now only need 3 saucers to have a table setting of four of Blue Nordic by Johnson Brothers.  Dinner plates, dessert/salad plates, saucers and tea cups.  I have a platter as well.

Today, I am having Spicy Chai tea with some honey and cream. 

I set the table with a vase of pink roses.  They are held in a small crackle glass vase with a few glass marbles in the bottom to hide the end of the stems.  I placed the vase on a small round Batternburg lace doily.

I should have had tulips!!  Why did I not think of that?  I will have to put those on my shopping list. 

I used my large white porcelain tea pot today.  It will serve me about three servings of tea.  The brand of this one is a department store brand - PC. I am amazed how much lighter porcelain is to stoneware.  I have a couple of each and gravitate to the lighter one usually. 

I Battenburg lace napkin in a crystal napkin holder. 

This is the full view of tea this afternoon.  It included a few sweets.  A bit of chocolate cookie, an oatmeal and a citrus cranberry cookie. Wishing you a Happy Easter.

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  1. Hi Sylvia:
    I am so happy to have you participating in my blog party! I enjoyed your post but have to tell you that I accidentally deleted your comment. I am so sorry. I punched the wrong button I guess! Your blue transferware is lovely!

  2. Love the teacup set.. what a find! The bunny's cut and your tea setting look fabulous.. Christine

  3. The bunny candle is lovely! Great score on the 4 Johnston teacups. Every time I see blue and white china, I think of you!

  4. Ohhh so pretty - love the bunny light - and the blue and white tea cups are wonderful. I like the porcelain teapots much better - lighter and usually prettier. Your setting looks wonderful and I am sure I'd love a cookie or two with my tea.

  5. Love the beautiful blue and white tea set!Thanks for sharing!Happy Easter!

  6. Lovely! Blue Nordic was my Mother's everyday china, but my older sister got the set. So nice to see it. Your bunny is so cute! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea and Happy Easter!

  7. Sylvia, how I love your Blue Nordic! I would never be able to pass those pieces up at a thrift store. Good score!

  8. Your blue and white tea cup and plate are so pretty. That's always a winning combination of colours. The bunny candle holder is a great find. Happy Easter!

  9. I don't do Holiday decorations at all any more, but if I did your elegant minimilist scheme would be my choice, hands down. Happy Easter!


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