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Mosaic Monday - Blue & White Dinnerware

This is the pattern "The Hunter" that got me started on blue and white dinnerware. I love the color and the scallop pattern in the dish itself.  I have 2 dessert plates but have yet to find any other pieces at prices I am willing to pay.

Myott Staffordshire - The Hunter Blue (No Trim)- 2 dessert plates.

A bit of history:
1898 - Myott, Son & Co. Ltd., an earthenware producing factory operated originally from the Alexander Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in the North of England. It was run by two brothers, Ashley and Sydney Myott.
1949 - A fire took place and the company relocated to the larger Crane Street Pottery in Hanley
1969 - They were taken over by an American corporation Interpace.
1976 saw the company merge with Alfred Meakin Limited to form Myott-Meakin Ltd.
1989 the name Myott-Meakin (Staffordshire) Ltd. was adopted as a result of an acquisition by Melton Modes.
1991 - The name was then lost after the company was taken over by the Churchill Group.
Based on the above I will venture to say that my plates date to the mid 1960s or so.

Johnson Brothers - Blue Willow - 2 dessert plates.
This is not my favorite design because it does not have the nice fluted edges of the Myott pieces.  I find the edges thicker and so much to my liking.

The oriental design also is not that appealing to me either.  I bought these early in my collecting. 

I find the blue on these to have purple hue rather than the warm hue on the Myott pieces.

Myott Staffordshire - Chelsea Garden - missing the dinner plate. 

This pattern was made especially made for Bloomingdales.
around the 1970's - 1980's

These have the fluted edges but not as refined as the earlier pieces.  Again the hue leans to the purples rather than the warmer tones.

Staffordshire  - Liberty Blue  - 1 dinner plate
This piece is very similar to the Chelsea Garden set in color, weight and feel.  I likely could use it to complete the set above. Both were made for the American market.
Liberty Blue dinnerware began as a regional promotion by the Benjamin Franklin Federal Savings and Loan Association, a Pacific Northwest financial institution, which was founded in 1925. The company's home office was in Portland, Oregon.
Enoch Wedgwood, in England's historic Staffordshire district, was contracted to create a pattern of blue and white dinnerware featuring historical scenes from American Colonial history. Each form had a different scene. A border featuring a mixture of wildflowers helped unify the set.The association launched the promotion in 1975.
When a subscriber made a new deposit of $50, he received a free four-piece place setting. Additional settings could be purchased.Additional pieces were available for purchase. If a customer deposited $1,000, he could buy a 45-piece set for $45.In October 1976, the association announced it was discontinuing the promotion at the end of the year. After that time, customers could order pieces from the Sigma Marketing Co. of Garden City, N.J.Liberty Blue dinnerware was also offered to grocery stores nationwide for promotional use.The dinnerware disappeared from the scene by the mid-1980s.

J&G Meakin & Johnson Brothers - Blue Nordic - missing 3 saucers to make a 4 place setting.  I have several serving pieces as well.

This is the pattern of which I have the most pieces because my aunt gave me most of them. Blue Nordic.  I have some pieces from each vintage.  I love the scallop edge of this dinnerware.
The coffee pot is very similar but not made in England so is a different vintage.  I have found photos of the coffee pot that matches and of course it has those favorite flutes in the design.

Blue Onion is a fine porcelain tableware pattern for dishware originally manufactured by Meissen porcelain since the 18th century, but copied by other companies since the late 19th century as well. The onion pattern was designed as a white ware decorated with cobalt blue underglaze pattern.
Meakin J and G  Pattern:Blue Nordic  c1960s 1964  Blue and white stylized floral. Classic shape
Blue Nordic by Johnson Brothers was produced from 1979 to 1996.

Countryside by Wedgwood & Co. I have a full place setting.
Each piece has a different scene on it which makes it interesting. 

With a bit of research on the web this pattern dates back to the 1960s as well.
Ebay Factoid: However, there is another company, Enoch Wedgwood of Tunstall.  Their logo often includes a unicorn and regularly pieces are marked as Wedgewood & Co.  This is NOT WEDGWOOD and has little to no value.  Often making standard dinnerware or collectibles for Avon, only buy these pieces if you love them as they have almost no collector value.  I like so I am good.

I`ve given myself an education about blue and white dinnerware and hopefully you will find it helpful as well.

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life who hosts Mosaic Monday #36.


  1. Blue and white dishes are so pretty. I enjoyed reading the history of your place settings and pieces. Have you heard of Burleigh Ware? It's from England and they have different colourways, but I really like their blue and white patterns. I saw a dresser full of it in Wales and am looking for it here, via ebay. Have a great week, Sylvia.

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely collection of blue and white transferwares and the interesting info on them. The only blue and white transferwares that I have are Blue Willow teacups and saucers. Since I don't have the storage to collect other patterns, I'll just have to enjoy them through bloggers like you!

  3. Thanks for sharing your love of blue china. I certainly enjoyed your post and found it informative. I have developed a love of blue china over the past couple of years. I have been looking at a set of the Liberty Blue at an antique store. Love the flowers on the rim. I thought it would be pretty for a spring tablescape. I did buy a set of Currier and Ives in blue, and used it at Christmas. You can see it on my blog under my Christmas Posts tab.

  4. I am a huge fan of transferware and it is impossible for me to pick a favorite. While I myself collect red and white the blue is so lovely. May you enjoy a beautiful spring and a wonderful week!

  5. I have two of these Myott desert
    Plates in perfect condition found them on top of a cupboard. Identical to the pattern you have. Are they worth anything ?

  6. I have 2 of these exact plates same pattern in perfect condition are they worth anything.


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