Sunday, April 16, 2017

Share Your Cup - This Week

I added a glass red apple to my collection of glass fruit in my table center piece.  I find amazing how when you start looking for certain things you find them.  Was I walking passed them before?  Likely.

You can see my bowl of fruit here.

I had put a small LED light on my shopping list.  Sometimes when I am doing photography I need some in fill lighting.  The 100 and 60 watt lights I have for the house are too much.  I wanted it with a magnet or clip so I could position it as needed.  This one as a flexible arm as well so I am good to go!

It is a Merangue Crookneck 3-LED Bulb Book Worm Light worth over $10 new and at the rummage sale on the weekend the price was .50 with a set of batteries. It's uses AA batteries so I can use my regular rechargeable AA batteries.

I've used it already and it works well.

I have purchased a 100% polyester shower curtain liner to replace the PVC liner I had been using.  I found out that PVC is toxic and bad for you.  My sister indicated she used a 100% polyester one which gets laundered regularly.  Well, that makes sense!
I have always used a clear plastic liner and a sheer outside curtain so I can see when I am in the shower.  I was concerned a white polyester one would make it too dark.  Well it doesn't. 
Some curtains have weights in the hem to keep it from flopping around and letting water on your floor.  This one did not so I just DIYed a solution.  I sewed 3 little pockets and placed stainless steel washers in them.  The washers don't rust and I left the top open so I can just removed them to wash the curtain.
I bought new hooks as well which make it easier to remove the liner to wash it.  I've had a burgundy outside curtain for a long time.  After the experience with the kitchen cupboards, I decided to replace the dark one with a lighter one.  I love this one.  It is elegant, sheer, and helps make the room much brighter.
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  1. Well! This was a terrific blog to happen into. I so thank you for discovering mine so I could find yours in turn. I have never, EVER, thought of using a booklight to add a bit extra or diffuse a shadow in a photo shoot and that is just brilliant. Sometimes you don't need a lot -- just a bit. I have a new purpose now for mine! And the shower curtain trick is brilliant. Thank you for that and for visiting Marmelade Gypsy. Now I must look down at more of your posts!

  2. The pretty apple will be a great addition to your fruit basket. I did not know that about the shower curtains. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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