Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Recent Snapshots

I bought a set of these small white heart tea cups a while back. In white they will fit into any tables cape I am creating.  My sister has the larger ones which were available from Steeped Tea.  I have included the orange one for October in my 2018 Nice Cuppa Tea Calendar.   I love them.

On my visit to Fabric Frenzy this year I purchased some wide lace with these Tea Pocket Coasters in mind. The are the creation of Stephanie at Enchanting Rose.  You can find the pattern in this post on her blog.

I found a few really nice embroidered pieces at the second hand store recently.  This one fits well on my small table on the balcony.

I found this pink Asian Lily at the community garden the other day.

After seeing my sister with fresh flowers on her table I am inclined to grow a pot of mixed cutting flowers next year so I can have some on my table too.

After participating in the family event recently where some meals were potluck I decided I should have picnic dishes to cut down on waste doing to the landfill.

Last week my sister hit the second hand stores and I found these.  Turquoise is certainly one of my summer colors.  A plate, bowl and glass were included. I have added the set of cutlery I used at work.  Now that I am retired, they can be pressed into service in a different way.

I recently bought myself a Contigo Water Bottle. I am sure the quality of the bottle will be excellent.  It is 24 oz which is perfect for me.  A little heavy to carry full of water but it really meant for the car.
I have had their Stainless Steel Travel Mug for quote a while with no spills.  We had a lot of them at the family event and had to manage which one belonged to who.

This is the photo shoot I planned for yesterday but it rained all day so it was done early this morning.

Tea with Raspberry Bavarian.  This is a recipe my Mom made often when I was a home.  She had a large raspberry patch so this time of year this dessert was on the menu.  Served in a small fluted glass dish with a chocolate wafer and set with silver teaspoon.

A frosted vase filled with roses.

I selected my pink Sadler teapot with Roses and Forget Me Nots which is 1937-47 vintage. The Colcough pink tea cup I found to go with it has pink roses and periwinkle blue Corn Flowers filled with Raspberry Tea.
Raspberry Bavarian

1.25 cup of raspberries
.25 cup of sugar
Cook these till berries break down.
1 envelope of gelatin softened in .25 cup of cold water. Set bowl over hot water to liquify.
Add to the raspberries and cool in the fridge to set gelatin. This will not be a very firm consistency.
2 egg whites beaten - add .25 c. of sugar
.75 c of cream beaten - add .25 c. of sugar
Mix egg whites and cream together. Then fold into the raspberries and refrigerate to set.

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  1. Wonderful teapot.Loved the doilies too.Have a lovely week!

  2. A beautiful tablescape. I love the roses in the frosted vase!

  3. Very pretty! I have never seen a heart shaped teacup before!


  4. I have the same inside out heart cups and saucers are your sister. I agree that your white sets will go with any setting. Nice tea pocket coaster! I always enjoy seeing other bloggers' interpretations of Stephanie's crafty tutorials.

  5. The Bavarian cream looks so good...it's a great idea to buy picnic/potluck dishes at a thrift store... and I love what you've chosen. Beautiful tables, everything about this post makes me happy! We're camping at the moment I write this ....I have paper dishes for emergencies, but mostly I use melmac ... but very definitely not as pretty a table setting as you show.

  6. Sylvia - I love everything about this post - the dainty tea cups, the raspberry dessert - the turquoise-themed place setting - gave me lots of ideas! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Sylvia you really know how to turn a cuppa into a teatime treat, love all your mismatched china and the embroidered tray cloth tres chic!
    Sorry to be so late in stopping by this week, jet lag has me prisoner and my days & nights are still topsy turvy since our return from Florida.

  8. Hi Sylvia, I'm loving your ❤️ teacups. Aren't they darling?! The tea pocket coaster is so sweet from Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your Mom's Raspberry Bavarian. I swoon over anything with raspberries. Your tea table is set so perfectly!

  9. Very pretty settings Sylvia. And Sadler teapots are flavor of the year at the moment. I am not a fan of raspberries but I do love the color...just beautiful! Such a pretty embroidered table cover too! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  10. Dear Sylvia:
    We love seeing that special Sadler teapot in pink! The cup matches perfectly too. Your dessert sounds delicious and especially in this hot weather. Thank you for sharing and linking!

  11. Those teacups are so cute and I love the little coaster idea.

  12. I've never seen a heart tea cup....now I need to be on the lookout for one of those! How pretty and makes you feel happy to drink out of one. Love your pretty table and the raspberries. Happy weekend!

  13. All your table settings are very pretty, Sylvia. What a find that embroidered piece is. I'm always on the lookout for hand embroidery - it's getting harder to find. The Raspberry Bavarian is something we used to have at home, too.


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