Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tea and Breakfast

I made a pot of Masala Chai tea this morning with my breakfast.

It was brewed in my white porcelain 6 cup tea pot.  I tried some tea sacks which I received when I won a blog give away by Margie and Tea in the Valley in early part of the year.  The sacks have a flap that sits between the pot and the lid and holds 3 teaspoons of loose tea with plenty of room for expansion.  They make clean up a breeze. 

I drink my Masala Chai with a bit of honey and cream.  I used my Johnson Brothers Regency White set.  I just love that scallop fluted texture on the saucers and plates.

I picked a few lovely bachelor buttons from a friend`s flower bed.   They were placed in a small short glass vase filled with glass beads at the bottom. The vase is sitting on a Battenburg Lace doily on my pine table.  I know I was reading on a blog earlier how nice it is to have fresh flowers on the table. I agree but I need help as I don`t grow them myself. 
I was looking for a dessert bowl so I did not have to use soup bowls from my dishes set. I have the little yellow square ones but nothing more neutral in color.

I bought these small bowls clear glass bowls to ensure a smaller portion.  I placed about 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt in the bottom of the dish topped with a small banana and fresh raspberries.  I am enjoying these raspberries picked from a friend`s patch.

Here`s the whole picture.

I used a round aqua place mat.

The vase of fresh flowers on the left.  Teapot placed at the top of the setting placed on a larger Batternburg Lace doily.

I bought the small cream pitcher the other which works better when it`s only me for breakfast.

I added a Chocolate Bran Muffin to the fresh fruit.

The tomato plants on the balcony continue to grow and have quite a few flowers but no fruit yet. 

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  1. Your teatime is so inviting!White porcelain is always gorgeous,classic and elegant...perfect with that beautiful blue placemate!I also aprecciate the pretty flowers,but I don't know them.Have a lovely week!Hugs.

  2. This is such a lovely breakfast setting. White China is always so fresh and bright and yours is beautiful! Have a wonderful day! Karen

  3. Dear Sylvia:
    Oh what lovely Cornflowers - such a beautiful color and lovely tea time set here! So glad you shared.

  4. Very nice, Sylvia! I especially like the pretty cornflowers.

  5. Breakfast is not breakfast without tea! Lovely and peaceful table...perfect for a lovely way to start the day! And I love the Bachelor Buttons or Cornflowers! My favorite color!


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