Monday, July 10, 2017

Recent Snapshots

Here's a few photos from my walk this morning.

The white bloom from the sow thistle. 

I found these gorgeous dahlias at the park.  They were very dark pink and the petals were perfect.

The bees were buzzing around the Spiraea in several shades of pink and purple.

The small white purple bloom is some type of clover.  It was very tall rather than the low to the ground I am used to.

These are grasses of some sort but I was not able to identify it.
I used one of my out of focus photos as the background for the mosaic.

This was breakfast this morning.
Featuring nice tomatoes, ham and egg. 

A small dish of fresh raspberries  from a friends patch.  It's great to eat whole food picked by me.

These are my tomato plants.  They are yellow pear plants which I have been warned will grow very tall.  As you can see it had quite a few flowers.  Soon there will be tomatoes. 

I will let it grow to the top of the posts then I will have to cut off the top ends so it can concentrate on fruit.

During my visits to thrift shops, I have been looking for one of these bottles for a while. The prices are usually more than I am willing to pay.  Finally, last week the price was right and the bottle gorgeous.  It is 3.5 inches square with a super round ball stopper.  I am not fussy about the discolored plastic on the stopper.  It may have to go.  I removed the labels which were for Essenza Sweet Pea fragrance diffuser oil.  It was sold with reeds. This is the third in my collection. 

The bottle in the center has a Avon mark on the bottom.  The silver lid is plastic so not quite the same level as the others.  I don't know what it held originally. I loved the swirl pattern on the body of the bottle.

The bottle on the right features alternating clear and frosted bands running vertically along the body.  It has a metal lid with embossed pattern on the top with Doulton embossed on the band.  This was an expensive Eau de Parfum bottle. 

These add some flair to vignettes that I create for photography.

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  1. I love pretty bottles like that and I'm always on the lookout for old perfume bottles. Love those fresh raspberries too! Hugs, Diane

  2. Sylvia - I love the variety of this post. Congratulations on the persistence in searching out the bottles you want at the price you want - what a great reward!

  3. Pretty flowers along your walk, and a delicious breakfast, either before or after! The bottles are such interesting shapes.

  4. It's always fun to find another "thing" to add to a collection' your bottles look good displayed together that way.Lovely mosaics as always.

  5. Another beautiful post, Sylvia! I love your photos and starter collection of bottles! I collected Heisey Glass for years and used to troll the thrift shops. Happy times!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Hello,Sylvia,
    You found pretty flowers along your walk. It is lovely to see that your tomato plants growing. The yellow tomato baby flowers are pretty. Last but not least, what pretty glass bottles and they are beautifully displayed! Happy day to you!


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