Monday, September 14, 2020

2020 Quilt #10 - Pink and Green Crumb Squares

Back to making small quilts.

I started with 6 Crumb Square my sister made.  

Finished Size: 33.50" W x 38.00" T

Front: 6 Crumb Squares 10" and another 10" column with pink from backing fabric with forest green rectangles then 100% cotton burgundy sashing  

10.00" Crumb Squares 
3 inch burgundy sashing
Pink & Forrest green column

Accents: Crumb Quilted squares 

Thread: White on a cone.

Batting: Plaid Flannelette Sheet

Backing: Bright pink small print pattern 100% cotton measuring 45" W x 50 inches tall

Binding:  Self binding with the fabric from the backer.  

Quilting: I stitched 1/4" around the Crumb Squares and the Pink ones in the middle column

Since I was working with squares I had not designed I just dug into my stash of fabric to see what I had. Bright pink is a favorite color so that was easy.  The flannelette was excellent size as well.  I did need to add some width so I created another 10 inch column with some pink from the back and forest green.  Now I had 3" burgundy sashing around the elements.

In the past I have been quilt as you Mom style but I had the front assembled before I remembered that.  This one was small enough it would not matter.

 Lessons Learned: 

Love the self binding!  Will do that again for sure. No worries about missing the binding on the front.  With the binding well ironed and pinned it worked really fast and easy. I checked on line for the corner but that was easy too.  I was expecting it to be taller so I did not calculate so well.

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