Monday, September 24, 2012

Card Club - Sept - Cool Paper Clip

I started with the cool paper clip for this card. I selected designer paper to go with the black clip.  I glued it to the front of a black card.  I designed the greeting panel with the words far enough apart to be easily highlighted with the paper clip. This panel is held in place with 2 tiny brads top and bottom which allows the clip to slide up and down the strip and highlight the greeting you want. I wanted the have the greeting be more isolated so I punched 2 SU Decorative Label punchies in black bond paper which are folded in half and slipped onto the arms of the clip.  The ends of the label are then glued to each other.  If you want to keep the labels in place on the card front you may add a bit of glue to them.  Great design that allows a choice of greeting.

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