Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Card - Pond Hockey

Here's another Earth Day card re-using cancelled postage stamps.  We all some of these hanging around.  This one is from the 50th National Hockey League® All-Star Game published in the year 2000.
I found a pond hockey photo on-line which is the classic idea of scrapping the snow off a pond and creating a skating rink.  I wanted a little bit of red to off set the stamp so I put a red maple leaf in the left bottom corner. I printed it on vellum and let it dry. I trimmed the vellum and put it on a pale blue card which matches the background on the stamp.  It is held in place by 4 tiny black brads in all four corners.  I then adhered the stamp to a piece of card stock to give it a bit of stiffness and then stuck that to the vellum in the top right hand corner. After the golds in hockey at the Olympics this is a great card to honors those medals.

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