Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo - Get Outside!

Here`s a photo I took today after accepting a challenge from Claire to get outside! 
I have been more of a couch potato than I should be recently with the problems that brings.  I took a walk today and took this picture of our river valley.  It was -8C but the wind was pretty strong which made the temperature pretty brutal.  I was out at least half an hour so that was very good.  I`m glad I went.  Thanks, Claire for the challenge and I`ve posted my pic.
I liked the little bare tree in the middle of all the evergreens.


  1. Hurray for Claire, getting you outside! Lovely winter photo.

  2. A great photo, Sylvia, and thank you for stopping by my blog through the GYB party :)
    I've become a follower, so I can keep up with your news...
    Lovely to meet you!

  3. I spent the first week of January in the house.... didn't even walk across the yard to my bead studio.. where are you in Canada?

  4. Oh, just look at these beautiful green pine trees among all this fluffy white snow - brilliant photo! Yay to Claire for getting you up and joining our 'get outside' prompt this week, that's awesome.

  5. It took some prodding to get me outside too, but I was glad I did. I love this snowy photo!

  6. Beautiful scenery - so picturesque - and how lucky to have that so close to home!


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