Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How To: Serendipity Paper with Paper Strips

This is a great way to use scraps of designer paper and make paper you can you in card making, scrap booking, mixed media projects.

Collect a bunch of scraps of designer paper. I chose similar colored pieces but just think about the result. Red, green and gold for Christmas. Easter paper with yellow, purple and green.  You get the idea. I cut my paper down to .75" strips.  Start by laying out the strips and making sure the same colored pieces are not too close together and your joins between strips are not too close. Once you are happy with your lay out start gluing the strips down.  I started in the top left hand corner and glued strips on the diagonal.  Let your strips fall off the edges of the card stock.  Once all well glued, press until good and dry.  Turn the paper over and you will see the jagged edges.  Trim the paper strips to edge of the card stock. Use as you will.  I made these cards with mine.

This is a great scrap buster technique.

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