Saturday, January 3, 2015

How To: Color Paper Doilies

I created colorful doilies for a Valentine project I'm working on.  I have put together a How To Tutorial.
1. I set up a plastic mat on my counter so I would not stain it.  I have to get gloves so I don't stain my hands cause that will take a few days to disappear.
2. I selected pink and purple as my colors.  I am using dye stamp pad re-inkers.  The colors are Nick Bantock Passion Plum and the hot pink I've owned forever from the Great Canadian Stamp Company.
3. I diluted the ink with water and applied it with a foam brush.
4. I placed the dyed wet doilies onto white computer paper with extra sheets to absorb the moisture and pressed them under heavy books.
5. I'm going to need thread to match so I dyed some heavy crochet cotton at the same time to ensure that the colors match perfectly.  I placed the wet thread on parchment paper and placed that on a cookie sheet and put it into a warm oven - I had turned it off.
7. Several hours later I have perfectly flat and wonderfully colored doilies ready to use.

Keep an eye out here for the project in the weeks to come.

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