Monday, January 18, 2016

Card Order - Sympathy Cards

I made these sympathy cards by recycling pieces of used greeting cards.  Many people prefer to give me the card they receive rather than throwing them away.  I have a large collection and need to start decluttering myself.   At least these are not hitting the landfill.
I just sorted and found images I felt worked with the sympathy theme. I printed the border and sentiment on neutral card stock in a coordinating color. I then trimmed the recycled colored image to fit inside. 

I have a good variety of images which would work for guys and gals.  I'm very happy with the way they turned out. 

I have card club cards to work on next.

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  1. Your sympathy cards are lovely. I love recycling cards. One thing I do with them is make little boxes. Front part for the lid and the inside for the bottom of the box. I'm sure you know how to make them. I also enjoyed your tea vignettes!


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